THE CIMPLE CO - 14 inch Black Nylon Zip Ties : Strong Zip Tie, Wire Ties : Indoor and Outdoor Rated - No Tools Needed - Made in the USA, Zip Ties (Wire Ties, Cable Ties), 100 Pack – Black – 14”

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: Zip Ties

  • 100 count, Very Strong and Durable, Made in the USA - 50lb / 222n Tensile Strengh
  • Indoor and Outdoor Rated, -40 F to +185 F
  • No Tool Required – Built-in clip makes for easy installation, and long lasting durability
  • UV Material for great Direct Sunlight rating
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: High Grade Materials and includes a US manufacturers warranty

    THE CIMPLE CO, A Family Company located in the USA, is proud to offer these high quality and durable Zip Ties. They are made from high quality Nylon and are UV rated. As such, they are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, including direct sunlight. These high quality Ties are used in the satellite and cable industries with amazing results. They are approved for DIRECTV (now AT&T), Dish Network, Comcast, and similar companies. They are approved for use on Coaxial Cables, Cat5 Cables, and similar communication lines – as they will not crush or distort the signal. Rated at 50lb / 222n Tensile Strength, these ties do not break easily, and are designed to last. They hold great amounts of weight.
  • $13.47



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